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A year of controversy and new trends: Telugu film industry in 2019

TollywoodWith seven wins at the National Film Awards, the Telugu industry had plenty of reasons to celebrate but there were rough patches, too.Hemanth Kumar C Ra year which saw as many as 190 straight Telugu films and scores of other dubbed films vying for the attention of the audience, 2019 has been quite dramatic for the Telugu film industry. While the bountiful National Awards came as a pleasant surprise to the industry and Telugu moviegoers alike, it also became increasingly clear that filmmakers will have to rise up to the challenge of bringing the audience back to theatres, given the rise of Ott platforms. There was no dearth of controversies either, with the likes of Ram Gopal Varma and Pawan Kalyan in the spotlight, and ongoing debates about how sensitive issues are portrayed in cinema. But, if there was one recurring theme that defined Telugu cinema in 2019, it’s the proliferation

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