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The Best Scores & Soundtracks of 2019

As Martin Scorsese once said, “Music and cinema fit together naturally. Because there’s a kind of intrinsic musicality to the way moving images work when they’re put together. It’s been said that cinema and music are very close as art forms, and I think that’s true.” Indeed, the right piece of music–whether it’s an original score or a carefully selected song–can do wonders for a sequence, and today we’re looking at the 20 films that best expressed this notion this year.

From seasoned composers to accomplished musicians, as well as a smattering of soundtracks, each musical example perfectly transported us to the world of the film. Check out our rundown of the top 20, which includes streams to each soundtrack in full where available.

20. Climax (Various Artists)

19. August at Akiko’s (Alex Zhang Hungtai)

18. The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Emile Mosseri)

17. An Elephant Sitting Still

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