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Top 150 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2020: #85. Libertad – Clara Roquet


Screenwriter Clara Roquet, who co-wrote Carlos Marques-Marcet’s 10,000km (2014) and Jaime Rosales’ Petra (notably premiered in Cannes 2018 in Directors’ Fortnight) makes her directorial debut with Libertad, produced by Tono Folguera, Sergi Moreno, Stefan Schmitz and Maria Zamora through Barcelona’s Lastor Media, Madrid’s Avalon and Snowglobe. Roquet’s title stars Nora Navas, Vicky Pena, Nicolle Garcia, Maria Rodriguez Soto and David Selvas. The film (which landed a prize at the San Sebastian’s 7th Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum) is lensed by Gris Jordana. Roquet’s Libertad is the highest-ranking directorial debut on our list.

Gist: Roquet’s debut is described as “a story of feminine friendship and loss of innocence” when a young girl is forced to come of age thanks to her relationship with the family maid’s wild teen daughter.…

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