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Ambiguity of the time by Anne-Katrin Titze

The Moneychanger (Así Habló El Cambista) director Federico Veiroj with Anne-Katrin Titze on Alain Delon in Monsieur Klein: "You see all the ambiguity of the time inside his character. That's something that was in fact a reference for me…" Photo: Jared Chambers

Uruguay’s Oscar submission The Moneychanger (Así Habló El Cambista), directed by Federico Veiroj and co-written with Arauco Hernández Holz and Martín Mauregui is based on Juan Enrique Gruber’s novel Thus Spoke The Moneychanger and stars Daniel Hendler, Dolores Fonzi, Luis Machín, and Benjamín Vicuña with Germán de Silva (Pablo Giorgelli’s Las Acacias), Gabriel Perez, and David Roizner Selanikio.

Schweinsteiger (Luis Machín) with Humberto Brause (Daniel Hendler)

During the 57th New York Film Festival, Federico Veiroj joined me for a conversation that led to a discussion of the production design by Pablo Maestre Galli, the editing by Fernando Epstein and Fernando Franco, the fashion of the Fifties,

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