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‘Katy Keene’: TV Review

‘Katy Keene’: TV Review

“Katy Keene” may be set in the Archie Comics universe. But it’s a long way from “Riverdale.”

That point is made, first, by a series-opening sequence in which Katy (Lucy Hale) announces “Welcome to New York!” while watching her roommate, a drag queen (Jonny Beauchamp), perform; only moments before, the Taylor Swift song “Welcome to New York” had been playing as Katy went about her job at an upscale department store. Later in the pilot, Josie (Ashleigh Murray), now an aspiring vocalist who operates without her backing Pussycats, announces she has little to fear in the big city: “I am from Riverdale. It’s the murder capital of the world.”

Indeed, the problems in “Katy Keene’s” New York seem more prosaic than in the drug-and-violence-strewn small town of “Riverdale” — and the show is better for it. Katy, here, is a would-be designer seeking to balance work, friends, and

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