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Impact Partners Names Jenny Raskin Executive Director (Exclusive)

Jenny Raskin has been named executive director of Impact Partners, a documentary film funding company. Raskin replaces Impact co-founder Dan Cogan, who will continue his involvement with the company in an advisory role. Raskin will work closely with Impact’s co-founder and veteran producer Geralyn Dreyfous, who serves in an advisory role to the company.

One of the largest investment portfolios in the independent nonfiction sector, Impact Partners was founded and launched in 2007 by Cogan, Dreyfous as well as Diana Barrett, Jim Swartz and Susan Swartz. Every year the org helps fund between eight and 15 documentaries chosen from a pool of 900 nonfiction projects looking for finishing money. Selected titles are sent to Impact’s 43 high-net-worth members — multi-millionaires, and in some cases, billionaires — who seek to promote social change through nonfiction film. Those members then choose on an individual basis what films they will get behind. All 43 members pay an annual fee that covers operating costs,

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