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‘The Sonata’: Film Review

Restoration wit William Congreve opined that music had charms to soothe the savage breast, but in “The Sonata,” it has power to summon the savage beast — you know, the one usually depicted with horns, tail, and a pitchfork. This handsome horror meller set primarily in France benefits considerably from location shooting in cheaper, but picturesque Latvia. It’s Looks 10, Personality 4, however, as director Andrew Desmond and collaborator Arthur Morin’s screenplay doesn’t quite provide enough incident to properly milk its own premise, making for a supernatural thriller that ends just as it’s beginning to work up a sweat.

Opening on 11 U.S. screens Jan. 10 (simultaneous with on-demand release), it’s a watchable if ultimately underwhelming exercise. Perhaps the most notable element here is one of the late Rutger Hauer’s final performances, though he completed several other projects after this late-arriving import, which has played festivals and theatrical

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