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"Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins"

Idw Publishing's "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" #266, starts the 10-part series "Snake Hunt", in support of Paramount's upcoming "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins" feature film, opening October 23, 2020:

"...when the first 'Snake Eyes' lost his life battling forces of evil, 'Sean Collins' (aka 'Throwdown') took up the mysterious mantle to deny 'Cobra' a moral victory in their long-running war against 'G.I. Joe'.

"But 'Cobra Commander' -- not realizing the original Snake Eyes' memories and skills are now implanted in the mind and body of 'Dawn Moreno' -- has never given up his desire to remove the legendary ninja from his enemies...

"Can G.I. Joe save Sean from the dark clutches of Cobra before it's too late?..."

Actor Henry Golding ("Last Christmas") stars as 'Commando' aka "Snake Eyes" in the Paramount/Hasbro "G.I. Joe" spin-off action feature, targeting an October 23, 2020 wide release.

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