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Syfy Announces ‘The League of Pan’ Limited Series

Syfy Announces ‘The League of Pan’ Limited Series

Syfy and Ucp are extending the adventures of the iconic fairy tale characters of Peter Pan and his Lost Boys by developing a limited series entitled “The League of Pan.”

“The League of Pan” is described as “a thrilling and mysterious continuation of the beloved story of Peter Pan” that picks up with the characters after 10 years on the mainland. Now Wendy Darling is grown up and extranged from the Lost Boys, but they must return to Neverland to face a new evil that is threatening the existence of the magical place they once called home. This return reignites bitter rivalries and unearths “twisted secrets” from their past.

Brian McCauley Johnson will write and produce the fantastical series that explores painful truths about growing up, as well as the realization that “going home” is never quite as simple as one thinks.

“The stories of Peter Pan, The Lost Boys and

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