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The shoot kicks off for Italian-Chinese co-production The Italian Recipe - Production / Funding - Italy/China/Germany

The film, produced by Cristiano Bortone for Orisa Produzioni, is a romantic comedy directed by Chinese filmmaker Zuxin Hou and is also being co-produced by Germany. The shoot has got under way in Rome for The Italian Recipe, the second official co-production between Italy and China, following Coffee (see the news), produced by Cristiano Bortone (of Orisa Produzioni) together with Dauphine Film Company, Rai Cinema, Beijing-based Wd Pictures, Lightburst Pictures (Berlin) and Fun Age Kaixin Mahua, one of the main distributors of comedy flicks in China. In the film, which will unfold over the course of a single night, the city of Rome serves as a backdrop for the love story between a famous Chinese pop singer who has sold out to the glitz and glamour of showbusiness and a Cinderella type who secretly dreams of becoming a successful chef. The director of The Italian Recipe...

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