Pop! Pop! Ep. 53 – The 2020 Oscars

Welcome back nerds to a brand new episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! Before we get to the 2020 Oscars we need to address something. Yes, we have been doing this podcast for four years and yes, we just figured out how to properly use our audio mixer. Look, none of us are sound engineers and while Taylor might be married to one… ah crap, look, we don’t have a legitimate excuse. We do hope you enjoy the new, sweet, louder sounds of our voices though. Now On To The News! While Sony and Fox (Rip) might not be on the same playing field as Marvel when it comes to putting out riveting superhero movies, we still love when they do because that means we get to talk about it! Over the last week we got two new trailers for their upcoming films – Fox’s The New Mutants and Sony’s Morbius.

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