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Ant-Man: 5 Reasons His McU Arc Should End (& 5 Possibilities For Future Stories)

Ever since Ant-Man and the Wasp hit theaters and became a modest box office success, a third movie in the pint-sized superhero’s McU solo franchise has been on the cards. But it’s been a year and a half since that movie came out, and Marvel hasn’t given a release date to a threequel. There are rumors that a third Ant-Man film will begin shooting next year for a possible 2022 release, but as of yet, Marvel hasn’t confirmed anything.

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It could be argued that we don’t really need a third Ant-Man movie, but it could also be argued that there are still plenty of places for the story to go. So, here are 5 Reasons Why Ant-Man’s McU Arc Should End (And 5 Possibilities For Future Stories).

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