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An Ancient Evil Emerges in Lakota Tribe Influenced - Lore!

Tagline: “For years we have transgressed on Native American burial sites now something mythological is fighting back….” Lore is a horror film, partially influenced by the Lakota Tribe's myths. In the film, a young man goes missing in the nearby woods. The search-and-rescue team encounters an ancient evil, in these backwoods. Indican Pictures will release this title, in a few theatres and on Digital platforms, this month (Jan. 20th). Developed by filmmakers Christian Larsen and Brock Manwill, Lore stars: Lyndsey Lantz (Blackout), Max Lesser (“My Best Friend’s Death”), Sean Wei Mah (How the Fiddle Flows) and Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts. All of the film's release details are hosted here. Filmmakers Larsen and Manwill have talked about the influences of the film, recently. They have mentioned the Native American influences of Lore, which involves: "we were fortunate enough to have cast members from three different Native American nations...each of them brought authenticity and.

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