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Amazon Prime Video in Latin America Snags Five Titles from Cisneros Media

Global distributors group Cisneros Media Distribution has announced two telenovelas to be made available on Amazon Prime Video for Latin America, “Amore Secreto” and “Gata Salvaje,” as well as three Mobius.Lab-produced titles, “Cursed Bloodlines,” “Mysterious Earth” and “Super Genios.”

Written by César Sierra and starring Miguel de León and Alejandra Sandoval, “Amore Secreto” follows Irene, an adept secretary, good at all aspects of her job except that she is an introvert with low self-esteem who has strong feelings for her boss Leonardo.

Driven by a desire for professional success and admiration for Leonardo, she takes on more than most secretaries, and becomes an almost surrogate mother to his five children. Over time her efforts are noticed, her confidence grows, and Leonardo starts seeing her differently.

Venezuela’s 2002 series “Gata Salvaje,” created by long-time TV writer Alberto Gómez, stars Marlene Favela, Marjorie DeSousa and Mario Cimarro in the story of Rosaura,

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