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‘Shōgun’ “Re-Adaptation” With Writer Justin Marks Headed To Production At FX

A year ago, Shōgun was deep into pre-production, with several actors cast and production start date fast approaching, when FX put the limited series on hold. Last spring, Counterpart creator Justin Marks was brought on as writer and executive producer. Now, several months later, the series, based on James Clavell’s best-selling novel, is back on track and setting up a shoot in Japan with one major obstacle in sight — the Summer Olympics.

“It’s a big re-adaptation in a sense that we had many scripts and were in pre-production, and we ended up for various reasons deciding that we didn’t believe in the production plan and we didn’t think the scripts in their current form were as good as they could be,” FX Networks Chairman John Landgraf told Deadline during TCA earlier this month. “The writer (Ronan Bennett) was no longer available to keep working on those scripts,

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