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Science Channel Orders Bermuda Triangle Investigative Series (Exclusive)

The Science Channel has ordered “Curse of the Bermuda Triangle,” a new investigative series about the mysterious region famous for its long history of lost ships and missing persons.

Premiering on Sunday, Feb. 9, the series follows the members of the Triangle Research and Investigation Group, or Trig team. Their leader is long-time captain and former Coast Guardsman Paul “Moe” Mottice, with his first mate and engineer Mike Still, who has spent thousands of hours inside the Bermuda Triangle, by his side.

They’re joined by a Chuck Meier, a former Navy rescue diver, sheriff’s deputy, and military contractor, who will take the reins of the investigation both on land and underwater. Dave Cziko, a former Army Cavalry scout and rescue diver, will help them explore the ocean floor for evidence.

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Here is the description for “Curse of the Bermuda Triangle.

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