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Miracle Workers: Dark Ages Offers Modern Solutions to Medieval Problems

Alec Bojalad Jan 24, 2020

Miracle Workers producers Simon Rich and Steve Buscemi discuss going from heaven to the Dark Ages.

One of the first lines uttered in TBS’s Medieval comedy Miracle Workers: Dark Ages comes from young Alexandria Shitshoveler as she prepares to watch a public execution. After the executioner cheerfully cries “It’s time to kill a person!” Alexandria turns to her friend as asks “Do you ever feel like we’re living during a particularly bad period in history?”

That’s a question many modern viewers may bring with them into Miracle Workers: Dark Ages’ first episode. The show is set to premiere on January 28, six days into the Presidential impeachment hearings and who knows how many days after the latest terrifying climate change report. Alexandria’s query, however, is a helpful reminder that even though our era may not have the world “dark” in it (at least

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