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‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’: BBC Wildlife Epics Must Be “Topical & Not Just Timeless” Amid Climate Crisis

For BBC wildlife producer and director Chadden Hunter, there is a scene in Seven Worlds, One Planet that sums up the show’s mission. The sequence centers on manatees gliding around hot springs in Florida’s crystal blue waters, but its dreamy quality ends with a wake-up call, as drone footage pulls out from the ocean to reveal a shocking reality.

“It was quite a powerful way of giving the magic and beauty that these series usually have, but giving it that extra edge and contemporary resonance,” Hunter said of the scene, which features in the North America episode of Seven Worlds, One Planet premiering Saturday on BBC America.

Hunter said it underlines a new way of working for the famous Natural History Unit at BBC Studios. Gone are the days when wildlife producers can ignore the harm that is being done to the planet. Instead, issues including the climate crisis,

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