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Amazon’s Latest Latin American Deals: 5 Takeaways

Amazon’s Latest Latin American Deals: 5 Takeaways

“The only absolute in history is change,” said the Victorian historian Lord Acton. He might have been talking about the streaming platforms’ current international strategies. Since they launched internationally, Netflix and Amazon’s focus and priorities have been in constant evolution. Current pressures – evolving demographies, new regulation, new competition, still untapped growth – mean that re-engineering won’t stop any time soon.

On Jan. 23, as the Natpe Miami conference wound down, Amazon Prime Video announced out of Miami four new Latin American Amazon Original series: Lucía Puenzo’s “La Jauría” (“The Pack”), “Colonia Dignidad,” produced by Diego Guebel; Daniel Burman and Sebastián Borensztein’s “Iosi, The Repentant Spy”; and Andrés Wood’s “News of a Kidnapping.”

The announcement says much about Amazon Prime Video’s priorities, and the state of the streamer business in Latin America. Five takeaways:

1.Amazon Expands Production Reach

Also on Jan. 23, Amazon announced its first two forays

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