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Capcom Says Resident Evil: Resistance Isn’t Part Of Series Canon

This year’s Resident Evil 3 might be a remake at heart, but Capcom is making sure to pack a bunch new features on the disc that were never available in the 1999 original.

One of these, of course, is Resident Evil: Resistance. Formerly known as Project Resistance prior to the revelation that it would be included with this year’s reimagined threequel, the multiplayer accompaniment is an asymmetrical affair that pits a team of four survivors against one all-powerful Mastermind. As is typical of the formula, the latter’s job is to impede and ultimately prevent the survivors’ escape from an Umbrella compound meant for testing a wide array of gruesome bioweapons.

By utilizing security systems, placing traps and even taking direct control of iconic monsters such as Mr X, several famous and lesser-known Resident Evil villains will be playable in the Mastermind role with one, Daniel Fabron, featuring in a recent closed beta test.

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