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‘Arrow’ Series Finale Points The Way To CW’s Superhero Future

‘Arrow’ Series Finale Points The Way To CW’s Superhero Future

Spoiler Warning: This article reveals major plot points from tonight’s series finale of Arrow on The CW.

The 170th and finale episode of The CW’s Arrow aired as the second-half of Tuesday night’s double-episode farewell to Stephen Amell’s austere archer after eight seasons of yeoman’s work both as Star City’s brawny protector and as the somewhat unlikely centerpiece of television’s largest superhero universe.

The Arrowverse may be populated by a flying, bulletproof woman with heat vision (on Supergirl), the fastest man alive (on The Flash), and a time-traveling size-shifter (on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) but it takes its name from a simple street brawler who’s good with a bow.

The finale had an extra layer of complication in the fact that Amell’s bowman didn’t survive to participate in it — he sacrificed his life during the cosmic crossover event called Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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