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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Tingler (1959)

What fears lie within the heart of man? Can fear actually kill you, and if so, is it in the form of a parasitic slug that crushes your spine and takes your life? The only appropriate answers would be: a) many, b) yes, and c) most definitely – especially if gimmick master William Castle has anything to say about it. The Tingler (1959) manages to rise above the hucksterism (although it’s there in spades) to slyly comment on marital relations and creepy body horror in a very entertaining B movie setting.

Coming off the success of House on Haunted Hill earlier in the year, Columbia Pictures was eager to stay in the Castle business and quickly green lit the film, bringing him back to direct, Vincent Price to star, and Robb White (Macabre) to write. Released at the end of July, The Tingler did well with audiences looking for a fun and immersive experience,

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