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The Outsider Episode 5 Review: Tear-Drinker

Holly uncovers more and more about just what sort of person, or creature, has been causing all these doppelganger crimes on The Outsider.




This The Outsider review contains spoilers.

The Outsider Episode 5

In a car conversation, after repeating something that happened to his grandmother during World War II, Yunis (Yul Vazquez) comments to Ralph (Ben Mendelsohn), “Dreams are messages, bro.” Throughout the series, dreams have played an important role in just how whatever spirit that's attacking Cherokee City communicates.

Jessa's dreams of the man who kind of looks like her dad allowed her to pass messages to Ralph, and now other people in Ralph's orbit are having dreams of their own, particularly Jeannie (Mare Winningham). Much like Jessa's dreams, Jeannie's dreams blur the line between electrochemical images in the brain and a dangerous, threatening reality.

Holly has seen, throughout her investigation, that the Tear-Drinker—another clever name

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