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‘In The Line of Duty’ VOD Review

Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Ben McKenzie, Courtney Eaton, Dina Meyer, Giancarlo Esposito, Jessica Lu, James Hutchison III | Written by Jeremy Drysdale | Directed by Steven C Miller

In 2015 Steven C. Miller, director of horror hits such as The Aggression Scale, Under the Bed and Submerged, made a move into the action genre with the Bruce Willis-featuring Extraction (the first of three film he made with Willis). He has since stuck with the genre directing films like Mararuders, Southern Fury (aka Arsenal), and Escape Plan 2 – ever so slowly working his way up the echelon of named stars. Be they in cameo roles a la Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone…

However now comes In The Line of Duty (renamed from just Line of Duty here in the UK to avoid confusion with the TV detective drama of the same name), which sees former Two-Face Aaron Eckhart in the lead role as a put-upon,

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