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Sundance 2020 Interview: Josh Ruben and Aya Cash on the Challenges and Gender Politics of Scare Me

One of the most devilishly delightful Midnight movies to play the 2020 Sundance Film Festival was Scare Me, from writer/director/producer Josh Ruben, who also co-stars in the project alongside Aya Cash. The film is centered around two horror writers who spend an evening telling each other stories in an effort to try and scare the pants off the other, only to have the night take a twisted turn when things go too far.

While in Park City, Daily Dead had the opportunity to chat with both Ruben and Cash about Scare Me, and the duo discussed the inherent challenges that come with making a movie about the art of storytelling, their collaborative process, and how Scare Me delves into the issues of gender politics as well.

Congrats to you both on Scare Me. I just thought the way that you guys explored the idea of the power of storytelling was really interesting.

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