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Wrong Man Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free)

Wrong Man documentary series takes some unexpected turns as it enters season 2.




Joe Berlinger's Starz series Wrong Man continues its tradition of documentary justice. Season 1 led to two overturned murder convictions: for Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times by nearly all-white juries, and Christopher Tapp, exonerated from rape and murder charges after serving 20 years of a 30-year sentence. It also helped Evaristo Salas win a new trial where he will be represented by a pro bono lawyer. Wrong Man season 2 focuses on wronged women.

The long-form documentary journalism series messes with the formula set in the first season in a few ways. The obvious one is that this season focuses on wrongfully accused women. Beginning with "The Case Against Grandma," Vonda Smith, who was convicted of beating 21-year-old Jessie Morrison, the mother of her grandchild, beyond recognition. The less obvious change is the show pulls

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