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10 '60s Sci-Fi Movies That Are Still Mind-Blowing Today

10 '60s Sci-Fi Movies That Are Still Mind-Blowing Today

Though science fiction in the '60s was primarily known for campier films like Barbarella and Zontar The Thing From Venus, the genre did produce a shocking amount of cutting edge cinema that is still as highly regarded today as it was then. While there were still films like The Lost World using giant iguanas as stand-ins for dinosaurs, there were also sophisticated benchmarks like 2001: A Space Odyssey creating visuals that audiences had never seen before.

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While most science fiction films simply transposed contemporary societal concepts into space a la The Jetsons, some films were actually showcasing new visions of the future unlike anything society could dream of. Innovations in Nasa's space programs inspired films that were set in realistic space stations and space ships, rather than the gleaming chrome rocketships of the '50s. Here are 10 '60s

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