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Marvel Teases The Death Of A Major X-Men Character

Marvel Teases The Death Of A Major X-Men Character

In superheroics, taxes are apparently optional, because the only two things that are truly certain are death and rebirth. To that end specifically, X-Men founder Charles Xavier has assembled a team of five mutants, imaginatively christened The Five, to put the resurrectional studies of Moira MacTaggert into action following the establishment of the sovereign island nation of Krakoa.

The team of Fabio “Goldballs” Medina, Kevin “Proteus” MacTaggert, Joshua “Elixir” Foley, Eva “Tempus” Bell, and the first new mutant born after M-Day, Hope Summers, have perfected a process by which they were able to reproduce the bodies, powers, minds, and memories of their fallen brethren, thereby taking the insignificance of “comic book death” to an entirely new level.

One of the few mutants who has, for reasons yet unknown, been unable to cross through the Gateways to Krakoa, however, is Kitty Pryde, who first appeared in X-Men #129 in January of 1980. Instead,

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