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Interview with Chang Tso-chi

Interview with Chang Tso-chi

By Paul Caspers

Chang Tso-chi’s new film “Synapses” focuses on the three generations of the Zhang family, who live together in a soon-to-be demolished house. As the father is diagnosed with early stages of dementia, the daughter returns home from a lengthy prison stint. The youngest of the grandsons is trying to make sense of it all and makes friends with a homeless man; the long-suffering grandmother is committed to keeping the family together, but cracks when her husband goes off to visit a former lover.

Do you still follow your old method of letting the actors live together in a house before you start shooting?

Yes, always. Besides Li Meng [who plays the daughter], most of the actors had little experience. So I did this to let them get close to each other and get along as a ‘family’.

And again, you didn’t let them read the full screenplay?

Same as always.

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