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Run Trailer: Sarah Paulson is a Psycho Mom in Horror Film

Joseph Baxter Feb 20, 2020

Sarah Paulson stars as a disturbed mother threatening a wheelchair-bound daughter in the horror movie, Run.

Sarah Paulson is certainly no stranger to the horror genre, notably known as a repertory player on Ryan Murphy’s near-decade-running American Horror Story television anthology iterations. However, the upcoming Lionsgate horror film, Run, will have Paulson star as its addled antagonist, a disturbed mother who, having waited hand and foot on a wheelchair-bound teenage daughter (Kiera Allen), has become dangerously unhinged.

Aneesh Chaganty directed Run, working off a script he co-wrote with Sev Ohanian, replicating the same creative coalition from Chaganty’s 2018 feature debut, the mystery thriller Searching, which starred Star Trek’s John Cho.

Run Trailer

The trailer for Run has arrived, spotlighting the dual nature of the film’s oddly-close mother/daughter duo; one in which the Paulson’s mother role is a caring, doting and even educating figure to a non-ambulatory daughter,

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