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Charmed Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Breaking the Cycle

Charmed Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Breaking the Cycle

The Charmed Ones are forced to share some secrets as Charmed spins its wheels a little longer.




This Charmed review contains spoilers.

Charmed Season 2 Episode 13

This week’s Charmed answers questions nobody asked while still failing to reveal anything new. After relinquishing her demon powers, Macy searches the command center for black amber to regain her witch powers. While digging, the sisters accidentally trigger a lockdown protocol, and a magical Siri called The Guardian is activated. When they ask too many questions, security measures are activated, and they become trapped in a laser cage. A. Laser. Cage. The Elders were on one.

To deactivate the cage, the conveniently English Book of Elders says “speak the unspoken,” which the sisters interpret as, "tell secrets," which they do. In reality, the sisters need to speak unspoken truths about themselves. Maggie confesses to feeling relief at Parker's death. Mel admits

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