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Central and Eastern European Films Playing at the Berlinale

Central and Eastern European Films Playing at the Berlinale


Director: Agnieszka Holland

The true story of Czech healer Jan Mikolášek, who enjoyed protection under the Nazis and the Communists, but then fell from favor.

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Berlinale Special Gala

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

Director: Iryna Tsilyk

Budding cinematographer Myroslava lives in the middle of the Ukraine war zone. She sets out to make a film with her family, one that can offer them new perspectives, in

this documentary.

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Generation 14plus

“The Exit of the Trains”

Directors: Radu Jude,

Adrian Cioflanca

This documentary follows an atrocity against Jews in 1941 in which the majority of the perpetrators were Romanian.

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Director: Viera Cakanyova

This doc is an unsettling poetic reflection on our view of the natural world, and the limits of anthropocentric thinking.

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Kill It and Leave This Town

Director: Mariusz Wilczynski

A visually powerful labyrinth of memories and feelings,

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