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Film Review: ‘Blood on Her Name’

Film Review: ‘Blood on Her Name’

In the opening moments of “Blood on Her Name,” an arrestingly twisty and suspenseful Southern noir thriller in the tradition of “One False Move,” we’re introduced to Leigh, the working-class protagonist played by Bethany Anne Lind, with a jarring close-up that is at once explicit and ambiguous. Her face is battered, her breathing is labored, and she appears to have just gotten the worst of it in a fight.

But, then again, maybe not the very worst of it.

The bloodied man lying in front of her, we quickly learn, isn’t just unconscious or injured; he is seriously dead. And even before she pauses before completing a 911 call, it’s quite clear that, whatever the reason for the guy’s recent quietus, Leigh views his inconvenient corpse as incriminating evidence.

This is the first of several wrong decisions — most, but by no means all, made by Leigh — that

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