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‘Angels Fallen’ Review

‘Angels Fallen’ Review

Stars: Nicola Posener, Caroline Amiguet, Filareta Atanasova, Ivica Dimitrijevic, Scott Anthony Gould, Hailey Hermida, Li Jing, Lee Kholafai, William Legue, Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Tommy Nash, Ivy Natalia, Houston Rhines | Written by Amanda Barton | Directed by Ali Zamani

Action/fantasy horror can be very hit or miss. I have to say in general I quite enjoy it as a sub genre. Movies like the Underworld, Resident Evil and Blade franchises or Dracula Untold, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and The Last Witch Hunter are all pretty entertaining films. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t ‘great’ movies but when kept at about ninety minutes, they’re an enjoyable and fun watch. So despite its awful title, this is what I expected from Angels Fallen.

It is clearly influenced by the movies mentioned above but does not have anywhere near the budget. A budget that it very much needs to pull off its ideas.

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