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‘Jurassic Thunder’ DVD Review

‘Jurassic Thunder’ DVD Review

Stars: Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, Jon Cotton, Dmitri Raskes, Elvis Sharp, Ivan Pavletic, Aga Kistler, Rich Richardson III, Leon Mayfield, Nicole Goeke, Mia J Park, Kevon Ward, Mia Paris, Jared Johnson | Written by Milko Davis | Directed by Milko Davis, Thomas Martwick

Jurassic Thunder starts as it means to go on. There’s an absurd Zhx opening title card that parodies the old Thx audio logo, only this film is Zombie sound… It’s an introduction to the film that sets up exactly what tone this film is taking and where the audiences mindset needs to be.

Then the film throws the audience in at the deep end starting with a zombie attack in the jungle, before introducing an armed dinosaur a la Dino Riders toys of old. Oh and the title comes from the name of a comic in the film, which features zombies and armed dinosaurs… Coincidence? I think not.

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