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Film Review: Write about Love (2019) by Crisanto Aquino

Film Review: Write about Love (2019) by Crisanto Aquino

What is better than one romantic love story? Two romantic love stories. This seems to be the motto Crisanto Aquino implemented in “Write about Love”, a film that he wrote and directed, and which led him to win awards for both of these capacities, along 6 more at Metro Manila Film Festival last year.

“Write about Love” is screening at Osaka Asian Film Festival

A rookie female writer, who also works in her family’s clothes business and loves mainstream romantic stories, manages to sell one of her scripts to a film studio. However, being so young in the business, the company asks her to develop the script more and introduces her to a more experienced, indie film-writer. The two begin collaborating in the story, but their differences immediately create some issues. As the two continue working and spend time together, they get to know each other better and a kind of consensus is gradually built.

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