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Run, Spiral, and Antebellum Releases Delayed

Run, Spiral, and Antebellum Releases Delayed

With coronavirus-induced self-quarantining and social distancing forcing the shutdowns of movie theaters around the world, Lionsgate has delayed the theatrical releases of Spiral (also known as Spiral: From the Book of Saw), Antebellum, and Run.

Lionsgate shared the news of the new postponements on Twitter, sharing the following message:

With theaters across the country closed, Lionsgate will be postponing the releases of Antebellum, Run and Spiral. We can’t wait to share these films with the world when this challenging moment is behind us.

— Lionsgate Movies (@Lionsgate) March 18, 2020

Antebellum was slated for an April 24th release, Run was due out on May 8th, and Spiral was expected to come out on May 15th. Unsurprisingly, with the future uncertain due to Covid-19, new release dates have not been revealed at this time, and there have been no announcements of these films coming early to VOD,

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