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"Mike Hammer"

According to Warners, author Mickey Spillane's 'misanthrope' 1940's comic strip detective "Mike Hammer", who went on to fame in a series of novels, TV series and motion pictures, continues in development as a new franchise of films.

The character of Hammer was created by Spillane, debuting in the 1947 book "I, the Jury", that was adapted into a feature in 1953 and 1982.

Prior to World War II, Spillane was a writer of comic books for Timely (now Marvel) Publications. After the war,  he used what would be the plot of "I, the Jury" for a comic book character called 'Mike Danger' that eventually became 'Mike Hammer' in hard cover. 

Hammer was a Marine veteran of the 'Battle of Guadalcanal'. As a private investigator he carries a .45 Colt in a shoulder holster under his left arm. His love for his secretary 'Velda' is only outweighed by his willingness to kill a killer.

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