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‘Joker Clown’ DVD Review

‘Joker Clown’ DVD Review

Stars: Peter Cosgrove, Sarah T. Cohen, Mark Sears, Yvonne Wan, Jon-Scott Clark, Tommy Vilés, Cassandra French, Hattie Willow, Kate Milner Evans, Mike Kelson, Kate Lush, Kelly Juvilee, Carmina Cordelia, Hannah Rogers | Written and Directed by Scott Jeffrey

For every Child’s Play or Annabelle Comes Home it’s expected that a few low budget alternatives (or “mockbusters” as many call them) would be around at a similar time. Joker Clown though, is also jumping on the bandwagon of It and the sequel It: Chapter 2, so here we have a killer clown and killer doll all in one form!

Why the lead character ‘Lane’ purchased this doll in the first place I have no idea. There’s some attempt at an explanation which basically boils down to ‘she likes horror movies and it looks a bit creepy’ so she offers the local second hand shop seller £50 and it’s hers. Bargain!

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