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How Stargirl Helped Grace VanderWaal Accept That "You're Never Going to Make Everyone Happy"

How Stargirl Helped Grace VanderWaal Accept That

Grace VanderWaal was pretty much born to play the title character in Disney+'s Stargirl, but that doesn't mean she's exactly like her. The film, which is based on the Jerry Spinelli young-adult book of the same name, follows a shy boy named Leo (Graham Verchere) who befriends the whimsical and fearless new girl in school (VanderWaal). Though VanderWaal and Stargirl are both musically inclined - Stargirl loves to listen to old records and play her ukulele, and VanderWaal got her start performing on America's Got Talent - their personalities differ. In fact, one of the biggest challenges VanderWaal faced during her film debut "was being confident on screen."

"That's not exactly who I am, that's who I wish I was and who I'm working to be."

"It was really nerve-racking, because I can't really do that even in my personal life," the 16-year-old told Popsugar. "So playing a character

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