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Spanish Shows on the Virtual Market

Spanish Shows on the Virtual Market

Madrid — As the world’s international TV distribution goes virtual, these are a pick of Spanish TV shows – at project stage, in production or completed, and mostly drama series – being brought onto the market, or available for partnering for production or straight acquisition:

24 Land

(Ficción Producciones, Ukbar Filmes)

A Spain-Portugal co-production from Pablo Iraola and Pandora Da Cunha, this WWII mystery drama follows a high-society woman willing to do anything to save her homeland from a foreign invasion. Selected to participate at Canneseries’ in development sidebar, the series will launch April 8 in Portugal.

Back Home

(CTV, SPi, Rtp)

A co-production between Galicia’s CTV and Portuguese broadcaster Rtp, this dramedy kicks off when Caetano (45), the CEO of a telecom company, tells his wife and two children’s mother that “it’s over.” In pre-production.

Barcelona Trilogy

(El Estudio)

A propulsive Jihadist terrorist thriller set in Barcelona, written by Xavi Puerta

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