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Syfy’s Late-Night Tzgz Animation Block Expands Darkly

Syfy’s Late-Night Tzgz Animation Block Expands Darkly

Syfy, the channel dedicated to the fiction of science, runs some mind-bending content during prime time. But they shoot short daggers into the brain in the after-hours. Cartoons have taken over the traditional cult movie slot, midnights on Saturday. Tzgz is a late-night block of comedic, animated genre-based programming, made for adults.Syfy’s late-night animation block, Tzgz, is expanding with 3 new series and 2 pilots.

The computer, Hal, on 2001: A Space Odyssey was named after Ibm. Each letter of the villainously nerdy computer’s name is the letter preceding the letter of the giant computer company’s name. Tzgz follows the same tradition, only later. “It Comes After Syfy.”

“What happens when Syfy stays up late? Things. Get. Weird,” Syfy promises in its press statement. “Welcome to Tzgz, where lettuce sings, the undead text, and wizards get high… all before bedtime.”

Syfy launched the 90-minute, late-night adult animation block last fall.

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