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Review: "They Might Be Giants" (1971) Starring George C. Scott And Joanne Woodward; Blu-ray Special Edition


“Holmes & Watson??”

By Raymond Benson

In one of the quirkier movies released in the early 1970s, George C. Scott moves through the streets of New York City with his eyes alight with fire, wonder, and confidence as Joanne Woodward follows him into every don’t-do-that situation like a lovesick schoolgirl.

The thing is—Scott plays a judge who has gone, well, a little funny in the head and thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes. Woodward is a psychiatrist who desperately wants to treat him, and her name just happens to be Dr. Watson.

Directed by Anthony Harvey, the movie is based on a play by James Goldman, who also penned the screenplay. Harvey’s previous film was the superb The Lion in Winter (1968), which garnered him an Oscar nomination for directing, along with a Best Picture nod and a trophy for Katharine Hepburn (for Best Actress). Perhaps more significant is that

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