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Netflix Earmarks $500,000 for Colombian Film, TV Covid-19 Relief Fund (Exclusive)

Netflix Earmarks $500,000 for Colombian Film, TV Covid-19 Relief Fund (Exclusive)

Following the mid-April announcement of Netflix’s Covid-19 relief fund allocations for Mexico and Brazil, the streaming giant has unveiled its plans for Colombia where it has partnered with the Colombian Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to extend aid to over 1,500 below-the-line workers in Colombia’s film and TV industry. To this end, Netflix has donated $500,000 towards the fund, which the Academy will administer.

As it has in Mexico and Brazil, the relief fund will support the hardest-hit workers who have been directly impacted by the suspension of productions across the country, such as production assistants, camera operators, lighting technicians, make-up assistants, and production drivers, among others, many of whom subsist on hourly wages and on a per project basis. A list of more than 100 eligible jobs has been determined.

“The hardest hit workers are the backbone of the entertainment industry,” said Academy president Consuelo Luzardo. “We hope

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