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At Nickelodeon, ‘Danger Force’ Seizes Tough Mission

At Nickelodeon, ‘Danger Force’ Seizes Tough Mission

Mike Caron is doing a lot more with his favorite program than just binge-watching it.

Caron has long worked on the Nickelodeon series “Henry Danger,” and directed the first episode of a new sequel series, “Danger Force. “ The show, which debuted earlier this year, centers on a team of four young super-novices and the more experienced veteran, Captain Man, who must train them.

The heroes have their work cut out for them tomorrow night – and Caron is quietly helping them behind the scenes.

On Saturday night, Nickelodeon will present a special episode of “Danger Force” that is not among the ViacomCBS network’s initial order for the series. With production of many shows shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic, “Force” producers and cast thought they could entertain fans by making an extra “Danger” episode with the cast scattered at their various homes – playing their characters hunkered down in a room, a closet,

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