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Solar Opposites Episode 3 Review: The Quantum Ring

Solar Opposites Episode 3 Review: The Quantum Ring

This Solar Opposites review contains spoilers.

Solar Opposites Episode 3

I have a lot of respect for how Solar Opposites is shooting for the stars with its stupid plotlines this early in its existence. It’s so charmingly goofy and weird that this is a series about aliens crash-landing on earth and, instead of obvious sci-fi stuff (though there’s still plenty of sci-fi stuff in there), only three episodes in we’ve watched the aliens pal around with a sitcom character, run to be presidents of their local homeowners’ association, and now one of them is becoming a famous magician.

It’s cool “The Quantum Ring” shakes up the character dynamics a little bit with Korvo mostly on his own, leaving behind the rest of the family. It basically is a Korvo episode; we get some Terry/Jesse/Yumyulack scenes, but Korvo is definitely the focus. This is fine, because,

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