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‘Getaway’ DVD Review

‘Getaway’ DVD Review

Stars: Jaclyn Betham, Scout Taylor-Compton, Landry Allbright, Lane Toran, Noah Lowdermilk, Jamil Walker Smith, Lane Caudell, Ben Deschaine | Written by Lane Toran, Jaclyn Betham | Directed by Lane Toran

You know how some genre films just have strange backgrounds? People involved that you’d never believe would have anything to do with a horror film? Getaway is one of those films… You see this film is co-written and directed by Lane Toran. Who’s he you might ask? He’s only the voice of Arnold in the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! and the voice of King Bob in Recess! Yes, a former childrens TV star turns genre filmmaker, its’ safe to say Getaway is worlds apart from those roles – but Toran isn’t the first to make the jump from kids TV to horror and he won’t be the last.

However, judging by Getaway, not only will Toran have

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