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Netflix Is Losing A Ton Of Great Movies In June

Netflix Is Losing A Ton Of Great Movies In June

Netflix was doing pretty good for itself as it was, but when the coronavirus pandemic shut down worldwide production of film and television, business began booming like never before. With so much extra demand, the streaming service is sifting content at an even higher pace, which entails the removal of some great titles that you should watch now while you still got the chance.

Perhaps the saddest loss subscribers will suffer in June is that of Bob Ross’ Beauty is Everywhere. Why exactly the streamer thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the painter’s therapeutically soothing voice and encouraging words in the midst of a nerve-wrecking crisis is a mystery. Fortunately, the deleted episodes are available online for free on Ross’ YouTube channel, which recently launched a respectable reboot of the infamous Joy of Painting series, too.

Fans of Canadian comedian Mike Myers are also in for a tough time,

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