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"Spies" in One Shot

One Shot is a series that seeks to find an essence of cinema history in one single image of a movie. Fritz Lang's Spies (1928) is showing May 19 - June 18, 2020 in the United States in the series Weimar Cinema.Fritz Lang’s remarkable oeuvre in the silent era may be best known for the special effect extravagances of Metropolis, but his style was even more concentrated when working with the bare essentials of the medium, all the better to use his skills at simple artifice and suggestion. Case in point: the opening sequence of Spies, which uses only a few distinguishable settings, some animated text and drawings, and frenzied faces to conjure the film’s empire of crime. It is a realm of blanks and façades, pitting an espionage ring, spearheaded by the inscrutable spymaster Haghi, against the state that stands for luxury and control, embodied by a man with

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