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The Best Summer Movies of All Time

The Best Summer Movies of All Time

Ah. Hear that? Probably not, but what should be sounding in the distance is an assortment of pigs and/or cows grilling; the laughter of children running through fields of green; and some radio playing infectious pop music faintly in the distance.

After all, it’s Memorial Day weekend.

For most Americans that means it’s time to celebrate the longest days of the year with trips to the beach, mountains, or a backyard barbecue pit. This year, however, it means Zooming friends and family from your living room couch and firing up your streaming service of choice. Still, even if movie season 2020 appears to be mostly cancelled, there’s still a long history of summer movies to choose from!

… And for Den of Geek, it means looking back at our favorite summer entertainment: going to the movies. The kinds that are big on popcorn thrills, populist frills, and warm night chills.

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